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Cono NightSeer 50mm Thermal Clip On

The Cono NightSeer 50mm thermal clip on converts your existing day scope to thermal and provides excellent target acquisition and aiming capabilities for the demanding sports shooter, military, law enforcement, or security personnel. The Cono NightSeer 50mm thermal clip on simply mount in front of your own standard day optical sight , allowing the user to maintain consistent eye relief and shooting position.

The NightSeeR allows the shooter to use their existing day scopes magnification, reticle, wind and elevation adjustments. This means there is no training required and no re-zeroing of your scope is needed.

A Thermal Clip On also offers unmatched versatility, being able to be used as both a thermal monocular for detecting game while not mounted in front of your day scope.

Cono Adaptor Kit Required For Front Mounting. Options Listed Below. 

Unmatched range performance and imagery

    Features a 640×480 cooled InSb MWIR and color CCD camera (additional uncooled sensor and stabilization available) for superior day/night operation.

    Split-screen display, two fields-of-view, perfectly matched zoom settings, GPS, DMC compass, and laser rangefinder for short, medium, and long-range reconnaissance.

    At 8.7 lbs with batteries, the Recon B2-FO reduces operator fatigue for long duration missions without sacrificing MIL-STD-810-F hardening.

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Cono NightSeer 50mm Thermal Clip On

Cono NightSeer 50mm Thermal Clip On