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PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. NO LONGER AVAILABLE At the core of the Edge GS 1×20 NV Goggles is a unique combination of specially designed optics, CF-Super Image Intensifier Tube, and wide angle five lens eyepiece, which provides lack of distortion and the highest edge to edge resolution performance. The unit is suitable for a huge variety of purposes, including protection of industrial facilities & private property, patrolling, search & rescue, military, sports, nocturnal walks & bicycle rides, hunting, night orienteering and more.


PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. NO LONGER AVAILABLE The Challenger GS 1×20 is a multifunctional night vision device that has a number of applications. It can be used as a night vision monocular, or night vision goggles (if set up on a Head Mount; the device can be used either for the right or the left eye). Specially designed optics give the highest edge to edge resolution, clear, distortion free and geometrically precise image across the entire field of view.