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FLIR Breach: An Introduction

Getting To Know The FLIR Breach PTQ136

Weighing in at only 210 grams, the FLIR Breach PTQ136 is Australias only helmet mountable thermal camera. Specifically designed with law enforcement & hunters in mind, the FLIR Breach is small enough to be concealed in a pocket or hang from a neck lanyard. The Breach PTQ136 has on board recording of both photo & video for evidence capture, 1x-4x digital zoom and ability to be powered via an external battery pack.

Optimised for short to mid range distances, the Breach will detect man sized objects up to 350 meters. Using FLIRs 12um (micron) 336x288px BOSON sensor and 60Hz refresh rate, the PTQ136 gives a clear wide angle view for the user.

Detecting Suspects With The FLIR Breach

The true unique feature that sets the Breach apart from all other units is its ability to be used as a thermal goggle. When mounted to the helmet, the user can scan an area for heat signatures while keeping their hands free. This can be extremely useful in situations such as a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) breaching a room and scanning to quickly identify any potential threats present, or a hunter stalking through thick scrub who needs to instantly detect game.

Using mounting systems, the FLIR Breach can be used as a single eye goggle, paired with a second Breach to create a thermal binocular goggle system or combine the thermal system with an Image Intensifier Monocular to take advantage of both technologies. Combining the Breach with a PVS-14, such as the AGM PVS-14, is a popular option that allows both quick detection and safe navigation of rough terrain.

FLIR Breach & PVS-14 Dual Bridge Combo


FLIR Breach & PVS-14 Dual Bridge Combo