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Discovering The FLIR Scion

Discovering The All-New FLIR Scion

In 2020, FLIR released its newest range of thermal monocular branded the FLIR Scion. The Scion offers a major step up in the thermal monocular range as the only American made thermal monocular currently available in both 320x256px 640x512px 12um (micron) in Australia. The series comes in both OTM (civilian) & PTM (law enforcement) models and has various lens sizes to fit every need. FLIR has also included 6 different colour palates to ensure that the right option is always available.

FLIR Scion OTM366
                    FLIRs 6 propitiatory colour palates for various situations

The IP-67 rated FLIR Scion series offers the ability to record photo & video, WiFi stream the video to a mobile device (coming soon) and has an array of internal controls and features to give the user unmatched control of the image quality. One of FLIRs proprietary new functions is ‘Lock Span Mode’, which allows you to have the camera specifically focus on a temperature range and give more focus to that specific range.

One example of where Lock Span is extremely beneficial is while hunting. As you are scanning a paddock, the first time you see a pig you will hit the Lock Span button on the top of the device while the pig is in the frame so the sensor can ‘focus’ on the pigs temperature range. This will now dull down the image to everything outside the pigs range and highlight the pig even more so than usual to help cut down detection time substantially.

FLIR Scion
                                               Lock Span Mode To Detect Heat Signatures Quicker

The new FLIR Scion is an extremely exciting new addition to the thermal monocular range at Night Vision Australia. Aimed at the professional or Government end-user, the Scion series takes thermal detection to a whole new level. If you need any help with what model would be right for you, please feel free to read our blog postchoosing the right thermal monocular or contact one of our specialists today.

Check out a few of the photos captured through the FLIR Scion OTM366


FLIR Scion OTM366 Elephant
                                                       FLIR Scion OTM366 Ironbow
FLIR Scion OTM366 Park
                                                          FLIR Scion OTM366 Black Hot
FLIR Scion OTM366 Building
                                                         FLIR Scion OTM366 Ironbow
FLIR Scion OTM366
                                                     FLIR Scion OTM366 Black Hot