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The Storm 2050 case is a perfect fit for the majority of night vision binoculars and goggles


Use the Storm 2100 when you want to keep your accessories in the same case as the night vision device.


MK 123 and night vision monocular* can easily transform any day sight into a night sight with magnification and reticle of the day sight. Bracket MK123 is intended for installing of night vision monocular D125 or D126H on the ocular of the most day sights. It is possible to install the bracket on day sights with ocular diameter of from 39 to 45 mm. *monocular is not included


The PRED9X operates wirelessly: no wires to get in your way when hunting. You can operate the PRED9X without taking your hand away from the firing position using the wireless switch which has a range to five metres and can be attached to your scope or rifle with a convenient Velcro strip. High contrast light source allows you to spot camouflaged prey in heavy cover. The inbuilt shroud controls stray light producing a tight spot, giving you better range than regular LEDs. This allows you to see beyond 250 yards. The high CRI bulb reduces eye shine and aids in species definition when hunting.