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We are proud to have the world leader of Thermal Imaging technology, FLIR, as the flagship brand of our thermal product range. All products are American made, to the highest quality and specification standards. Whether it is Hunting, Exploring, or Security, FLIR offers the best solutions for all Thermal Imaging needs. Spotting game over a kilometer away. Navigating the great outdoors. Making your property safe again. FLIR products are the best suited to the most demanding needs. FLIR offers different product ranges to accommodate a variety of budgets and applications. The Scout range is our most popular Thermal Imaging solution. Lightweight, rugged devices offer easy detection at incredible distances. The LS range offers robust solutions for Law Enforcement and First Responders. These devices provide critical information to decision-makers, to maximize operational effectiveness and ensure safety. The PathFindIR range is a thermal safety solution for drivers. These devices grant drivers full awareness of driving conditions in even the most challenging scenarios. Explore our product range below.




Internationally recognised, the computer designed parabolic reflector and lightweight ergonomic design delivers a spotlight that is unequalled in light output, quality, durability and user comfort! Typical uses include hunting, fishing, boating, camping, security, military and police, surveillance and the observation of nocturnal animals.


Infrared filters from NVA block 99% (830 NM) of the visible light spectrum from any spotlight using Krypton, Xenon, or Halogen light bulbs. These filters allow a maximum of Infrared output while remaining extremely covert. Originally manufactured for the US Space program, our filters are designed to meet stringent standards. The polysulfone blend is known for its strength and ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. When used with your spotlight, our filters will greatly improve the effectiveness of your night vision equipment.


The NVAMT Mount is intended for mounting of night vision devices NVMT 3×42 and laser pointers (with mounting dimension from 14,7mm to 16 mm) on Weaver-rails. The Laser pointer can be used separately at day time. The combination of NVMT Mount with a laser pointer, NVMT Conversion Eyepiece and NVMT 3×42 allows to assemble a night vision sight. NVA’s NVAMT Conversion Kit is designed for use with a red dot laser, which can be attached to the mount, as an adjustable aiming mark or laser.


The Day/Night Adaptor quickly transforms a daytime sight into a 24-hour system by allowing quick connection of a M6121 intensifier to the eyepiece of daytime optics. A unique adaptor mechanism ensures the Day/Night Adaptor can be attached to or detached from virtually any daytime sight in the field without tools. The Adaptor provides an easy and secure alignment of the two systems while allowing the night vision device to swing to an alternate locked position on the side of the unit. Configuring a sight for either day or night use, while maintaining zero is now as simple as pressing a button.


The Pelican 1150 case is a perfect fit for the Flir Scout PS series thermal imaging camera.